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Upper lip or face

The hair on the upper lip make people feel inconvenient and lower your self-confidence. Many ladies deem this to be a serious problem.

The skin on a face is sensitive and most methods of hair removal are too traumatic.

We use a new generation of high-tech, powerful and flexible Lycon waxes, providing gentle and mild care.

By choosing us for this mission, you can say goodbye quickly and almost painlessly to unwanted hair on a face.

Duration: 10 minutes.



Today there are many methods of hair removal, allowing us to maintain an impeccable smoothness of the skin.

However, for such a delicate and sensitive areas such as the underarms, it is challenging to find a suitable method of hair removal. The skin in this area is very sensitive, and the hair is usually strong and rigid.

Try the creamy wax with a delicious berry flavour, removing even the strongest hairs, from 2 millimetre! The low temperature makes it comfortable to work with in the sensitive underarm area.

Duration: 15 minutes.



Feeling uncomfortable and shy having hair on your hands?

Victoria Eva beauty bar is glad in helping you to get rid of this feeling.

We recommend you a new product from Lycon with extra virgin olive oil and beeswax. This is a special blend of natural and gentle ingredients that feed the skin during the procedure to effectively remove the most stubborn and short hairs on the arms.

After bio-waxing your hair on the hands will become thinner, lighter, and eventually cease to grow at all. Just in a few sessions you will forget about the distress.

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes.



Today hair removal on the legs is vital to every self-respecting woman - smooth and silky legs without signs of the hair became beauty standards a long time ago.

We recommend the legendary wax, which has no competitors since it was launched by Lycon.

Strong but gentle at the same time it nourishes the skin even during epilation and removes the hair from only 2 millimeters.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Brazilian bikini

Deep bikini or a Brazilian hair removal - it is a whole philosophy and a good habit to treat yourself to a luxurious, emancipated and a sexy woman.

Brazilian hair removal will help you to feel not only attractive and free, but spotlessly clean.

Chocolate Lycon wax - very delicate, will wrap your body soft and fragrant plume, making the process of hair removal a pleasant entertainment. Chocolate treatment without calories - a delightful experience of the hair removal!

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Full set

A full set includes hair removal of the most important parts of the body: underarms, deep bikini and legs until knee.

We promise to do this procedure carefully and do not miss any little hair, with what professional company - Lycon, of Australia, can assist us best, with its big variety of textures and smells.

Each part of the body will be taken with an individual approach, to retain maximum comfort of our clients.

Duration: 90 minutes.


Hair removal for man

Every man aspires to have beautiful and well-groomed woman. We always believe that women should not have any hair on their legs, bikini area or under the arms. But only a few men agree to do hair removal, to please their girlfriends or wives with man’s smooth skin.

Qualified man’s hair removal has many advantages. Smooth skin is much easier to take care of, sweating becomes less of an issue and the smell of sweat does not stay on the hair. The hair does not hide the body, allowing men involved in sports, demonstrate their muscle relief. Minimum amount of hair on man’s body makes a man more well-groomed and neat.

Victoria Eva beauty bar offers hair removal for arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and other areas.

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