Founded at the heart of the Swiss Alps, Alpeor proudly asserts its origins and values with high-tech formulas incorporating exclusive botanical complexes. Given its scientific use of rare Alpine plants, the name Alpeor is synonymous with "GOLD FROM THE ALPS".

Advocating "Beauty Care Made in Switzerland", Alpeor continues pursuing local and family traditions. The history of the brand began in the 1950s at the Clinique du Bien-être Mirabeau in Montreux, ideally located on Lake Geneva. Working together with her sister, the maternal grandmother of founder Alexandre Flueckiger, welcomed and cared for patients from all over Europe, who came to benefit from a healthy lifestyle, the exceptional micro-climate and pure air from the nearby mountains. At the time, the two sisters were already creating beauty elixirs for their patients, who were eager to take them home.

The brand’s unique positioning Alpeor offers a unique alternative in the field of anti-aging care and responds to a growing demand for products formulated with botanical ingredients that provide tangible results. We use the potency of Swiss Alpine plants for beautifully youthful-looking skin.

Over the past 3.8 billion years, Alpine plants have developed rare properties and protective mechanisms that allow them to survive in extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, wind, snow, frost) and adapt to the environment. The plants are able to protect themselves and diminish the adverse effects of time; only the most resistant survive.

Over time, humans learned to use the potency of plants to create cosmetics, by extracting effective active substances that treat the skin flora.

Today, after extensive research, Alpeor has developed an exclusive technology for extracting the rare properties of Swiss Alpine plants and ensuring that they work synergistically in order to boost effectiveness. This technology is called BPC – Bio-Phyto-Complex – Technology.



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